So. It’s final.

So, it’s final. Today I sent in my passport page, my CV and a short description of myself and the things I’d really like to do this month that I will be guest in Brazil! Moreover, I needed to reconfirm participation and acknowledge the fact that I will be part of the CSC2013-Brazil14 Corporate Service Corps team.
Yes, Brazil! Uberlandia to be more precise. We have a teamcall tomorrow and I am really, really excited about finally getting started with our CSC project. I am still in the blind as to where exactly we will be located, to what assignments we will be added. But I guess tomorrow will bring more clarity into all the questions that we as a team will have.

To be honest, this is also my first experience as a blogger. On one hand, really try to keep everyone posted on the adventures we will surely encounter, on the other hand keeping memories alive for myself. Let’s see. #ibmcsc brazil



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