Interviewing team-members

Part of the CSC experience is of course the bonding between all members of the team. In order to get to know each other really quickly we decided – or at least it was a good idea – to “buddy” two members and have them present each other in one of the weekly calls. As it was the last point of the previous agenda and needed two of the proverbial “Russian” volunteers, Joel and I decided to opt in for the next meeting. So, we prepared 3 slides, with some text and pictures that kind of decribes our lives, our hobbies and passions. And, it’s remarkable how quickly you stick your nose in someone else’s life. After two minutes it felt like Joel has been part of my life for ages instead of one week. So, good idea this sharing of lifes, explaining what keeps you busy all day (or night 🙂 ). Thank you Joel for sharing and giving me a view of life in Tampa. #ibmcsc brazil


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