We’re getting better at it…

Today, our third team call. And we’re getting better at it. The first call was really difficult to follow, the second one was already better and this third one really went well. Thanks to the moderation of Robert and the extensive Q&A we were allowed with the people from CDC. CDC being the organizing entity of the CSC experience. Thank you Tobin and Rodrigo. I expect a lot more questions to be asked and a lot more to be answered. Let’s see if our growing Greenhouse community will be of great assistance here.

Anyway, using the Greenhouse community (the “outside” variant of IBM’s communities to use with people from outside IBM) proves to be really helpful. As I am a big fan and user of the Communities concept (no more sending of large files and central storage and sharing of all information for everybody and “eating your own dog food” I have silently but gracefully accepted my role as the moderator of this community.

As our team will be joined by people from JP Morgan Chase (as they want to set up a similar CSC program), a community allowing people from “outside” IBM was imperative. It also now gives us the opportunity to add the local people from CDC (the party that is actually organizing our experience) which enables them to already start informing us about our local situation in Uberlândia, the do’s and don’ts, things to bring, etc. Really handy and proving that this Social Software can really work in practice.

Well, enough for the sales pitch for Social Software here. As promised, I made a pledge to inform about this adventure before, during and after the assignment. So, no nice pictures (yet).

Back to work. We have quite some modules to finish. Interesting material we now cover on cultural differences, practical things like immunizations and visa and other things that we should know on beforehand. It is fueling the desire to actually go, though we are still more than two months ahead of departure…

#ibmcsc brazil


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