It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I last entered new input to my blog. I have been away on holidays and there’s not really been much of a change in the preparations towards our journey to Brazil except for the reading of documents that has to take place. Getting more and more to know on Brazil and the Brazil14 team. But now, back from holidays, 4 weeks ahead of our departure, things are getting more and more tangible. For a start, we have now all received our mission statement, including Scope of Work for the four weeks that we’ll be in Uberlândia. An official document that has been drafted by the CDC people. For me – personally – it is a dream come true. I have been selected to create a Marketing Communications plan, together with my teammates Terumine (from Japan) and Robert (UAE) for the Politriz Institute in Uberlândia . This institutes – in a nutshell – an educational institute for children and adolescents of 7-15 years of age, with a teaching philosophy focused on physical, social, cultural and intellectual capacities of the participants, forming future and honored citizens. The Institute Politriz offers computer workshops, arts, capoeira, hip hop and jazz. Besides the daily learning, all children receive full meals in the period of its activities. The assignment will consist of creating a bigger independence of the institute from it’s current main sponsor, the Politriz company. By being able to attract more funding, it should be able to attract more volunteers, class materials, create new courses and so on.

Already, I am scrutinizing the Internet with a search on #Politriz. I do find some material, but it is not much. Not much when you realize that there are some 100 kids on a daily base supported by a couple of dozen of staff. The things I find do look very nice and I can’t wait to actually see and experience the activities that the Institute is providing to the kids. To get a small flavour; check the following youtube movie: . As a token of interest, you might want to follow it on Facebook: stunning people with an increasing amount of interest. It is now time to really get in touch with the local people. We are to set up our first introductionary call with the customer, either by phone or Skype / Facetime. I’ll make sure we do this this week!

On a more operational level; coming back from holidays, I really started working on my backlog and on an even more operational level, I took the time this morning to get my shots at the KLM Travel Clinic here at the Amsterdam airport, just a 3 minutes ride away from the IBM Amsterdam offices. With nobody there (except for the doctor that is), I was in and out in 15 minutes, including filling the necessary forms. Three of them (Yellow Fever, DTP and Hepatitis-A) that should be sufficient to keep me save in Brazil. #ibmcsc brazil


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