Testing Skype

ImageToday, another great day for preparations onward to our assignment. First, the team call. Well moderated again by Nada who, so kindly, took over from Karin who is currently on holidays. Which is a reminder to thank all those people “around” our team that are doing their utmost to make our trip so successful. So, thank you alumni from the previous assignment, thank you CDC people, supplying us with all that valuable information that will make it possible for us to instantly go out and work with the teams and thank you IBM-ers, all in support of us.

We had a great teamcall with a very, very nice presentation by Larissa – @larissacruvinel – on Uberlandia and the things that make up this wonderful city. Lots of pictures and hints (hidden or not) to visit and to go to. Even wanting to share with us some soundbytes of local music, can’t wait to hear more! Then, things we really need to bring, and really need to leave at home allowing for presents to bring back. Previous CSC Brazil-pioneers sharing their packing list with us so we make have the greatest advantage of our 20 kilo’s that we’re allowed to bring. More insights on cultural differences and political institutions in Brazil bringing us to the final topic of Social Media and how to use those prior to and during our stay in Uberlandia. Great info! Thank you team members.

And then, after the call, we (the Politriz team. consisting of Robert, Terumine and myself) gathered in a Skype call to test how a conference call would be using Skype. Now, that went really well. The quality was remarkably good and Terumine, Robert and I could speak as if we were just sitting together (well sort of) in one room. Finding a suitable time to contact our Brazilian contact will be another item as we will have to cover a 12-hours time span. 10 o’clock p.m. Terumine’s time will be 10 o’clock a.m. Brazilian time… Leaving us only a small – kind of reasonable – slot to have our call. Let’s see if things work out!

#ibmcsc brazil


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