The clock is ticking…

socialmediaToday, the seventh of August, we are now one month prior to our departure and, though it seems still a long time before we will leave, some things are becoming quite real now. At work, at home, things need to be done before I leave. I have started to draft a list of things that need to be done before departure ranging from dentist visit to really getting my social media stuff sorted. It’s a nice thing that IBM has created a sort of roadmap that starts three months in advance. This roadmap contains a variety of items that need to checke off. Again, personal as well as businesswise. As we are now in the midst of the summer period here in The Netherlands and as I am back from my holidays, this gives me some air to do some catching up of assignments that were planned in the last two weeks. Got my shots, did some paperwork and we’re now asked to register our blogs, twitter accounts and so on on the CSC website ( so all participants can follow what I am doing. So, this bit of text is merely a test to see whether all the links to the “Social Media Aggregator” are working well. Let’s see! #ibmcsc brazil


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