Getting in contact…

Image… with our Brazilian NGO contact of the Politriz Institute – Doris – proves to be more of a challenge than expected. Robert, who has offered/proved to be the communication focal point for this exercise, did put everything in place to be able to have a smooth introductory conversation with Doris, our contact in Uberlândia, but apparently things were not clear so we were waiting with an open Skype line and our AT&T conference call line for Doris to call in. In the end, by texting with Brazil, we understood that there was no translator available at that time in Brazil, so, with a little help of Vanessa, our local CDS contact, we were able to make a new appointment for next Wednesday. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that things will work out for our next call, eager as we are to get acquainted with the Politriz Institute team and the work that is being done there. In the meantime, we “found” Doris on Facebook and she has kindly accepted our invitation to connect with us. So we are now able to link with her, which is giving me a small peak into her life looking at all the nice pictures that she has put there.

Yesterday, during our team call, we were also welcomed to Uberlândia by Mauro Holtz, the local Uberlândia IBM Branch manager. Mauro elaborated on the Enterprise (IBM terminology, sorry) territory he is running with his (extended) team and so kindly invited us to the local Cajubá country club in order to meet up. Already such a warm welcome really makes my Northern hemisphere blood run faster. Thank you Mauro, great presentation and thank you again for the warm welcome. 

On a different note, today we received quite an elaborate package that has been prepared by CDS (Citizens Development Corps, the organization that is actually planning this event for IBM. You can read more about this organization here) with all the necessary information for our journey to Brazil. Ranging from “preparations before departure” to a “local neighborhood guide” indicating the first necessities of life (wifi, café’s but also museums) to “pictures of plug converters” and the telephone number of the Dutch consulate in Brasilia. It also unveiled, by accident or not, some of the activities that we’ll be doing. I think this document is a real add-on and a good read to getting acquinted really fast  with this new city. I’ve made a few copies also for my family at home. It is good to know that this level of detail has been put into this experience and, in any case, it physically adds up to the general feeling of getting more and more prepared (and excited!) for the big jump across the Atlantic now being at 22 days. #IBMCSC BRAZIL


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