First call with Doris

callToday, new team call. Great presentation from the local teams, again, showcasing every detail of our trip and helping us with all the details that we’ll encounter. I was starting to wonder whether there would be anything left for us to discover. But we were reassured that there would be enough room for adventure and that we also should be on the lookout for the security issues that we will also encounter. I hope all the examples that were given are hypothetical and are merely a sign of things that could happen and how we need to respond. Another, great, presentation was given by the CSC program manager on the more formal side of this assignment. What things will need to be done and how we’ll have to do it.

And then…, we had our first call with the people of the Politriz Institute. Doris, our contact, had arranged for her daughter Victoria (I think this is the spelling) to translate and this went really well. I do not know how old she is (16?) but she speaks English really well and was able to translate perfectly. Our Skype call also went really well, the quality was actually really good and we were able to have this “globe-spanning-4-persons-call”, covering a 12 hours time difference. This moment of contact, with kids playing in the background and something (I hope it was a thing!!!) falling from the roof, really adds to the general feeling of welcome that Doris and her daughter were expressing to us. The general feeling is that everything having to do with children is really being appreciated by Doris. Doris expressed that the team is very much interested in the ideas that we might have in improving local child care from our regions. New ideas, new impulses and there was talk of creating a web-site for the Institute. It is really good to have this first impression and it really adds to the feeling of being welcomed by the local team there. Unfortunately, Doris had to run to the next meeting (we recognized the feeling) so we had to leave the conversation we were having, but we left with goodbyes, knowing we’ll either call again or meet up in just a couple of days which is an exciting feeling. #ibmcsc brazil


One thought on “First call with Doris

  1. In India I’m 12.5 hours offsetr from my hone time-zone so I can relate. Sounds like you prep work is going very well. I’m sure you will have a awesome time on CSC. I know I sure am on my CSC assignment in India. We have reached the mid-point and are into the heavy work to push to deliver the results on time. The project duration is pretty short! Anyway, good luck as you continue the countdown.
    Keith. IBMCSC India20 team.
    On assignment in Jamnager, India.

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