D-Day – 9

ImageWednesday, 28th of August. The day of departure is rapidly closing in. Just one and a half week away and the pressure is rising. I have sent the word around (my colleagues) giving them some more background on the assignment and it is good to hear so many positive reactions. I also liked the reactions of veteran CSC-ers who really liked my assignment, especially the social aspect of it. I have – at least – (re)generated interest from 3 colleagues to apply for participation to the CSC program next year. I hope I can be of inspiration. Great!

What I also experience at home that this is now also really the time to arrange for all kinds of little tasks that need completing before I leave. Ranging from redecorating one of the kid’s rooms, repairing bikes, instructions as how to operate specific things, sharing passwords, keys etc. It is really reminding me of the time our kids were born. Same (kind of) deadline with a (different sort of) big event coming up. Due to the nature of the work of my wife, she is out for a couple of days a few times per month, but for me, this will be a first to be away for a couple of weeks. And for my family also. So, not having to rush next week, I have started to put things aside. Documents, copies of documents, adapters, etc. One of the previous Brazil team members so kindly shared her packing list on our Greenhouse community which is of great use. 
A thing that’s worrying and preoccupying me is the fact that I will most likely be facing a personal loss in the upcoming days or weeks and, if so, I will not physically be there. Of course, there will be the phone, internet, Facetime, Skype etc. But this will be of little consolation when things will actually happen. I am keeping my fingers crossed that these kind of events will not happen too much during my absence. I know my family is in good hands and there’s a lot of people around them, but even so… #ibmcsc brazil

One thought on “D-Day – 9

  1. Like wise…..just counting days..looking forward to meet my extended family.
    Olaf , I too have got 2 folks from my team asking about the CSC program and how to apply next year.

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