Sad news…

Tuesday, September 3rd – The final days before we leave have come. Sadly, the personal loss that I mentioned last week happened on already last Thursday. The unimaginable loss of a friend at this young age is really putting you back on the ground with both feet and giving a renewed perspective to life as we live it. Are we really appreciating the things that we do? Are we giving the best of ourselves (to others)? Or, more practically, I cannot imagine life without my wife, it must be so difficult for them… Monday afternoon we have brought this remarkable woman to her final destination, or, as she said, the starting point of her next voyage. She was a travel addict and would really have appreciated this trip and my stories. I was sad, really sad, not to be able to share this with her, but happy to be able to – at least – be physically present to pay her my respects. #ibmcsc brazil

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