More people, same smiles

Sunday 8th of December. Just to make things clear, we are in Uberlandia. This is a big city. We are talking skyscrapers, shopping malls, big festivals and big hotels. As I am receiving reactions like: “thought you’d be sent off to a really poor country”. No, this is the contrary. Big things are happening here. The city is vibrant, you can feel that. It is growing at a rapid pace. And some are left behind, there’s where most of our projects fits in.


And so, this morning, we visited the local Cajuba country club ( to which we have so kindly been invited to visit as much as we would like. It is paradise in the city. Swimming pool, football- and volleyball courts and great exercise rooms and lots more that we did not discover yet. Families come out here to relax and or exercise. It is showing one side of this town. We then went of to the local city parc. Lots of young children, families, joggers and men playing football. More people, same smiles. #ibmcsc brazil


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