First visits to the locations

Monday 9th of September, in the afternoon we head off with Doris to visit the locations that the Politriz Institute is running. We head from the very nice inner city of Uberlandia to the more unattended outskirts of the city. It is quickly becoming clear that living situations in these areas are far from ideal. Under these conditions it is sadly the case that lots of families are torn. Father leaves, not to return to his family. Under these circumstances, with kids, the Politriz Institutes helps these – often young – mothers by offering shelter to young kids from the age of 6 till 14 so that mum can get to work. 
Based on Christian beliefs, this organization strongly beliefs in the development of these youngsters and tries to find their unique strenght by offering them different sorts of activities. Drama, languages like English and Spanish, traditional dancing, working with computers, andso on.
It is really heartwarming to see the devotion and dedication of the staff and team members working with these children. They do remind me of mine, living some 10.000 kilometers away, under totally different conditions, with different background stories. Doris is telling us some horiffic stories of the lives of these youngsters and what they’ve gone through. Makes you shiver and pray that yours will never be exposed to such atrocities. But then, on the other hand, smiling faces everywhere as kids will mostly do. We visit 3 locations.
Especially Terunine, our Japanese colleague, is getting a lot of attention. Lots of questions on Japan and it’s landscape. They all also want their name, written in Japanese signs. And Terumine, aside from his passion for taking pictures of almost anything (he is keeping the hotel server quite busy at night) is always there for the kids and will answer to all requests.
After the third visit, the sun goes down and we are filled with emotions, the stories, the kids and the energy of Doris. And, we need to leave. This is not the place to stay in the dark we are told. We get into the car and head back to the city. We have a quick bite and I turn in… #ibmcsc brazil

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