Visiting the Politriz plant

Wednesday, 11th of September. Today, we continued with our assignment with some serious questioning of Doris and the Politriz staff members. The more questions we ask, the more information we are getting on the all the aspects of the Institute. It must be strange for the the team having to answer all these questions, as the initial question was to just get a website. But we try to get the broader picture and so we are kindly invited to visit the Politriz factory, the organization that is co-sponsoring the Politriz institute. We leave at noon to be driven to the plant that is situated in an industrial area just outside Uberlandia. Some really big names have facilities here as Uberlandia is a hub beween Rio, Sao Paulo and Brasilia. As Doris is a former Politriz employee, she – again – seems to know just everybody. The CEO is a warm friend, but also workers on the floor seem to know her well. We are being dragged to all these specific places in the factory that she knows so well. But, we have lunch first. With the CEO in the factory canteen. Nothing fancy, amongst all the workers. I really like that and you can really feel that the mutual respect that people have here for each other. The Politriz “family” tagline on everyone’s shirt under the logo is not some sort of window-dressing, but seems to be genuine. Then we visit the bottle-making plant which is producing the plastic bottles to contain the different soaps this factory is making.


In this area, bottles are being made from a plastic cylinder into containers for the final product

We then move to the filling area, that is also containing the laboratory. There we meet with Michael. He is the actual plant production manager. He speaks English really well and will be with the group for the rest of the time. Also present in the laboratory is a young woman, a chemical engineer, who is a great result of the work that the Politriz Institute has been doing. She explains how she the Institute helped her getting her life back. Impressing!

Michael will also show us another production facility that concentrates more on cleaning products for lavatories and shows us the new products that are currently under development. Very interesting and you can see his heart opening when we talk about products that are available on the European market.

We visit the plant administration center which is also containing the IT department. Sadly, no IBM there but people are listening eagerly on things like on-line ordering and order management. The local “whitespace” rep will have a hard time convincing them to go to online ordering as they assure me that online trading is not their piece of cake. The sellers here like to do Face-to-Face business and send in their orders through mobile devices.

It is now time to present ourselves to the whole management team of the Politriz facility. They are all gathered in their weekly meeting and we are kindly invited to join them. So, again, we present ourselves and we are quickly dragged into discussions on how this team could co-operate in supporting the Politriz Institute. Either directly or indirectly. With or without their suppliers. Through the help of the marketing supplier supplier or by generating more interest in their workforce. New ideas are born on the spot and I see the HR manager making a lot of notes. Unfortunately she is having to travel tomorrow, but she is making sure her colleague is coming to visit us tomorrow in the Institute to pick up and maybe work out some ideas. The new awareness is contagious and we see the team picking up the ball. We leave the meeting with a team picture. We will have to make sure we get that to the team to keep the ball rolling.


Nice picture of the Politriz Management team during their weekly meeting. In the middle, dad, daughter and son.

We leave and are being dropped off at the hotel. As we are somewhat early (17:00), we decide to work out our notes in the Cajuba Country Club. The nice area I described earlier. We take the taxi and are quickly there and jump into the refreshing pool. We then set to work and try to make some structure into all the notes that we have been making. Clearly, we need more time, but a beginning is there. #ibmcsc brazil14


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