Thursday, 13th of September. Today, after our day at the Politriz plant, we invited the HR director to come and visit us at the Institute which she kindly accepted. We sat down with her, together with the CEO who joined her and we elaborated on some ideas we worked out the evening before. It appears that she is quite willing to cooperate and even sees opportunities in us being there to help her boost volunteering at the Politriz plant. So we discussed for two hours and we agree that we’ll be following up on some of the items that were discussed on a really short timeframe, taking into account that she’ll be off next week. I have high hopes, but we need to be realistic in terms of possibilities on short notice.


Silent witness of our meeting

After the meeting we have lunch. And while we finish it, a truck announces it’s presence at the gate. It’s the long awaited materials for the flower area that are there. Without any moment of hesitation we are being linked to this devine moment. It is of course no coincidence that this present is coming while we are there… Hmmm… Though I really think we can make a difference here, I would not want to associate my work here with that of greater powers (whatever you would call them). Anyway, there will be hugging and lots of talking and the men will set to work. 


Archimedes law at work to get the poles at the same height

In the afternoon we are getting some really in-depth views on how “things work” in Brazil. It would not be the place here to elaborate but it is good to have some background on forces that drive activities here. Or don’t…
It’s a long day, the laptop batteries are flat. We are ferried back to the hotel for dinner. But, we decide to have our dinner at a Japanese restaurant so Terumine can show what his country has to offer. Unluckily his restaurant of choice is not open. So we go for a restaurant that claimes to be Japanese based on the sign. It’s in the Mall foodcourt. Needless to say that Terumine is disappointed but is giving the restaurant an average critic. A little 6. Well, we’ve enjoyed some sushi and have bonded. A 10+ for me! #ibmcsc brazil



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