Boys will be boys; playing football…or futebol… at the Instituto

Friday, 14th of September. Sexta – feira 14 de setembro. This will be a good day. We have a clear view on what we are going to do today. There will be work and there will be other things. We have a lot of material that we got from all our interviews and we are in a phase of consolidating it to come to a clearer picture for the work that we will, and also will not be doing. We also have a go at creating the layout of the so-desired web page that they want. When done, I’ll all ask you to “like” it to create more local visibility for it (I am not disclosing the www address now!). Then, I am bringing with me today to the Institute something I brought from The Netherlands. A football. Dirk, my brother-in-law but foremost a very close friend of mine, donated it to me before I left to Brazil. I thought it would be like bringing water to the sea as we say in Dutch. For me, Brazil is like the place football was invented. Or at least adopted and ammeliorated (I guess, like so many sports, it has it’s origins in Great-Brittain). So I brought this uninflated-mother-of-all-men-like-irresistable-piece of leather with me in my suitcase. I remember even the customs lady at Schiphol airport checking my bag looking really surprised with the combination of the ball and my destination.

And now, you must know that the Institute is being run by fabulous people, lots of them are volunteers, so no evil word about them here, on the contrary. But there’s only one thing. They are practically all women! So, since we’ve been here, I have not seen any futebol around. And I was soon to discover why……….. #ibmcsc brazil


Thank you Dirk, for having me take this fellow along!


pumping the ball

So imagine, the Institute with some 60 kids in the Friday afternoon shift… Silently at work in their classrooms. Being monitored by teachers… or singing, being instructed… And then, when I finished pumping the ball with the small pump that was included in the package, I bounced the ball on the concrete floor of the Institute.

The sheer sound of it turned the Institute upside down!

So yes, Dirk, I took you ball along. And it was – and will be – a great success! These little Brazilian guys are really passionate when it comes to playing futebol (fu-zji-bôl). To an extent that we were about to take the ball in as we thought that there were going to be accidents and injuries. Luckily, it turned 16:30 and the kids were having to prepare to leave for the weekend. Otherwise, we would have spent many hours playing the noble game of football inside the Instituto…


Boys will be boys! Playing futebol in the Center Court in the Instituto Politriz.


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