Friday evening, we are all invited to have happy hour at Instituto Ipê. This organisation is really into ecologic sustainability. Collecting platic bottles, old wood and more products that peole will just abandon. They’ll turn it into really cool stuff like chandeliers, chairs or any other beautiful product. They’ll also make beautiful clothing in a ecological-friendly way. 

Set aside the activities that they do, there’s more to it. The Institute supports creating lays that incentives ecological sustainability and partners with supporters, be they individuals or legal entities, based on the principle of transparency, values. It also promotes and prouds itself on being totally transparent. 


Nice gathering at Intitute Ipê. Admiring the nice pieces of furniture being made from collected materials

The place is already filled with an interesting group of young people and we are welcomed by Toni, the really bospitable owner of the place. With live music and nice capirinha’s, nice lighting and cool furniture this place is a little sanctuary in this busy city of #Uberlandia. Thank you for inviting and having us here. #ibmcsc brazil


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