Rapel – Cachoeira do Rio Bonito (Tupaciguara)

Sunday, 15th of September. We have opted to go on a rapel trip with an eco tourism organisation called Trilhas Interpretativas (Interpretive trails). They are going to bring us to a waterfall in the region where we will do some hiking and rapel (abseilen). It will also give us the possibility to enjoy the nature of Brazil outside the city, one of the mean reasons why I wanted to come along.



The trip is being done in a small coach and soon we are there. We take some equipment and food with us and we are off. Walking through the high grassed fields. It is the Savanne region here, it is warm and dry.

Some cows are looking at us and they prove to be very inquisitive animals.


Inquisitive animals

After a short walk we are in the area of the waterfall. You can hear the thundering sound of it. Though the Rio Grande is not really a big wild river, the effect it has on this quick drop of altitude is quite amazing. 


Cachoeira de Rio Grande

So we walk up to the actual waterfall and we decide to go in. We put on our bathing clothes and soon the whole group is in the cold water to enjoy it’s freshness. It is quite impressing to be in the water, so close to the pounding sounds of this 40 meter high waterfall.


Swimming in the waterfall

After the short swim we climb up the mountain again to come to the top of the waterfall. We will be going down by rapel. And, after some instructions from the team (there are some 5 instructors present), we buckle up and go down, one by one. 
It is really a great feeling hanging on a piece of rope and having the waterfall so close by. An unforgettable experience. #ibmcsc brazil


Cachoeira Waterfall Rio Grande

After going up again, we are brought to a small village in the area, Indianapolis, and we have a typical Brazilian lunch. Beans, rice and salad with roasted meat. We head home, the coach is silent, under the impression of our experience. Some maybe hesitated, for really good reasons, but we did it! As a team, all of us! Great!


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