Goooo, TNGHT

Monday, 16 th of September. Today is the birthday of Annabelle, my youngest daughter. I was up early to be able to have a Facetime call with her at 07:15, she being back for lunch. It went really well and Annabelle was overjoyed to see me. I also spoke with Esther, my wife, things are busy but seem to settle. Thank you technology to be instrumental in my contact with home. Tonight she will host my parents and my mother in law as mybfather in law is still hospitalized due to him breaking a leg. I really hope he can be reunited soon with my mother in law! 

It was a long day at the Politriz Institue. It was also actually quite hot, I think around some 30 degrees, without airconditioning of course. It was also good to have the dancing teacher over today. He was taching the kids to dance on some really neat Gangster rap. Please check Goooo from TNGHT (or Bugg’N). The video is also on my Youtube. It is really impressive. But sure some serious amount of noise. We also had a meeting with the owner of Animare, Mister Marcelo Branco, running a company that is also being supported by the Politriz company. We sat for two hours with him and asked him tons of questions, including exploring future possibilities of cooperating with the Instituto Politriz. I think it was good, in any case, it is good to tighten the liaisons with the NGO’s around Politriz and form a close circle. We also saw the IT guys again on the premise that were in the Institute some days ago. We don’t know if our presence is causing this, but anyway, it’s good to see some outside people walking around and caring about the institute.


Jivago Afonso Silva, the dancing teacher preparing his class to perform

After the day we went back to the hotel, had a snack and prepared for our presentation later this evening at 20:00. We are all presenting the progress of our assignments which is good. We learn from each other and can ask questions. We also verify how our translating “students” are doing. Practical things about next weekends are being exchanged, good! #ibmcsc brazil


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