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Wednesday 18th of September, Today is an important day for our deliverables. First, we got all the passwords and the userid’s for the Institute’s Facebook page. This will enable us to get more updated content on their page and demonstrate that this can increase their visibility in the Uberlandia region. So, please, please, please “like” the Instituto Politriz Facebook page. (the one with 240+ likes). Thank you. Already later this evening we are seeing some 10% increase of traffic compared to what we would normally see in a year, so that is good news. Please join all the newcomers in liking our page. We will also create a set of instructions that will enable the Institute teachers and/or administrative people to update the page on a regular base. It can also serve as a guide for the many (foreign) exchange students that are passing by here and that could also play an active role here.

We are also very busy setting up the domain for the Institute’s webpage. This seems more complicated as we are having trouble to do so. We paid, put the settings right, but it won’t fly. We are in contact with the help desk but things are moving slowly. In the end we are told that it will take one day to register and that we’ll be able to structure the site to our needs. I am sure that Terumine will play a big role here as his fingers create webpages as we speak.


Together with the initial layout that we made, this should really go well. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow. Another point is, is that there seems to be material everywhere. On telephones, on PC’s, on USB sticks, DVD’s. If time permits, it would be great to create some sort of repository of all data where these things could be stored for eventual future use.


The day ends, we had hoped to be online today, but it will just not be. We are told that it will be tomorrow. Amanhã. A big thing here, this “amanhã”. Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

We head home (hotel) and we witness a beautifull sun going down. Hard to capture with the iPhone, but nevertheless…


Then, there is relaxation. We have a bite at Thalia next door (it seems this is the most popular place to have a bite or a quick snack before we start the evening programme) and we go for dancing classes at 21:00. Already we feel that the temperature is building up again. Summer is coming. The classroom is hot and we sweat ourselves through the inevitable dance moves of the Samba and Forro [fô-hô]. But we’re getting the hang of it (I think :-)). After the dancing lessons we stop at a bar to hydrate our bodies. We are already making plans for our trip to Caldas Novas next weekend. Sylvie has been so kind to make reservations and arrange for transportation. Thank you for that Sylvie! Nearly the whole team will come. So it is bound to be a great experience yet again. #ibmcsc brazil


One thought on “Website and Facebook

  1. Leuk om weer even een stukje te lezen klinkt goed en volgens mij raak je aardig los van IBM en de hectiek hier , have fun 🙂

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