Third week… Working week!

Friday, 27th of September. Third week. Working week. Not that the first two weeks were not like working, but this week is really meant to put together everything that we got out of the first two. As our last week will be filled with presentations and community services, we are trying to be as ready as we can today and during the (last, yes) weekend.

So, in the mornings we set our goals for the day and we’ll get things done, one by one. In the afternoon we gather what we have and present to ourselves the materials and will adjust here and there. Of course, during the day we interact, which each other, with the Instituto Politriz staff and so many others that are around.


These are the Instituto Politriz’ angels who provide for the 100 kids in our unit

On the social level; Wednesday we got our last dancing lessons and our teacher is so kind to bring us to a salsa/forro club in the city.


Entrance to the Escola de Danca Leonardo

This is the real Brazil, it is hot, people are passionate, dancing and I feel that the local people are trying the best to let us gringo’s see what their culture is about. We take our dancing lessons to practice and they’ll let is into their culture, the dancing teacher kindly making minor adjustments to our steps. The Brazilians laugh, but kindly get out of our way when our moves are too big. Samba can be intimate. Especially when there’s lots of people around.


It is great fun and I enjoy every minute of being between the local people and their real whereabouts. The language is often a bit of a barrier but we manage. Anyway, it’s only about body language here, which seems universal 😉 It is sad that this dancing class has been our last, I really enjoyed it. Thank you Larissa for taking us there and having the teacher embrace us. So, Monday evening was IBM status meeting, Tuesday we were supposd to be taken out with the Politriz people, but that got cancelled (that just happens here without reason), Wednesday, dancing class, yesterday I worked on our deliverables… Friday evening was relaxing; Cajuba.Country Club, where we even had a brief contact with the local IBM Branchmanager. #ibmcsc brazil

foto (18)


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