Monday, 30th of September. #ibmcsc brazil
So, yesterday we had our potluck at Larissa’s parents place. An international event where everyone was cooking something coming from his or her country. It made me think of what I should cook, as natinal dishes are more winter-like cabage things. So I decided to make something from a country that Dutch people lve to go. Italian anti pasti, made some snacks for everyone to eat during dinner making. As we were eating quite late, the
snacks were received quite well. The dinner went really well, there was an abundance of food, lovely cashassa and nice music. Larissa’s parents made us feel at home really
quickly, it was if we already knew them for ages. Also Gustavo’s parents were there. They live next door. Larissa and Gustavo are engaged and will be married soon I guess. Well, they have it all going for them. It was really a very nice experience and I enjoyed every minute of it.


International dish; German, Indian, Chines, Vietnamese, Polish, French all on one plate!


Anna keeping Robert under close scrutiny…


Cheese plate made by Mike… Lovely.


Party time! It was not difficult to see where Larissa’s got her moves!


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