First goodbye!

Monday, 1st of October – #ibmcsc brazil

Today, a similar NGO as ours visited the Instituto Politriz Campo Allegre’s site. It’s name is ONG CASA and the IBM team that is helping them is also there. The kids seem to be quite accustomed to seeing these strangers from New Zealand, China, Vietnam and Germany. We can tell by their level of interest, the fact that they listened to all the stories and ask good questions.


Our guests were invited to witness Jivago’s dancing lessons which went really well. We caught it all on video and we will be putting it all on our Youtube channel that we have created for the Instituto Politriz.

Our website will automatically take it from Facebook and already we see some of the teachers already publishing themselves. Our level of “Likes” is really going up quite rapidly. Especially when we are using the poularity of our volunteers we see the number of views rising very quickly. 

Unfortunately, Monday is already the day of the first goodbye. It is one of Instituto Politriz angels Eliane that is having surgery who is coming to say goodbye. We are not prepared and it comes as a surprise. She is such a lovely lady and, if ever you would read this, it has been a great honour to work with you! I wish you all the best for your future in the Institute and beyond!


And we set to work again. It will be a day full of emotions. Reasons why are beyond this blog but things can get quite complicated in this country filled with these emotional people! 



Later on Monday evening, the weather turns really bad. Streets in our area turn into small rivers and it’s getting really dark and windy. Luckily it’s not getting to bad and when we’re at the hotel, the rain has ceased. 

ImageTime for a small meal and we have our weekly status meeting with our coordinators Bruno and Larissa. All othe projects are being discussed, questions are asked and answered. It’s been a long day!




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