Thursday 4th of October. Today will be our last working day at the Politriz Institute. In the morning we will visit the Murumbi facility and say goodbye to all the kids. We head off in the little Fiat and are soon at the Murumbi site. To ease up a little bit on emotions already surfacing, I propose to play a practical joke when we enter the unit. Leticia, our interpreter, will play the role of the Municipal Inspector paying an unannounced visit. The rings at the door and plays her role perfectly as she is yelling at Jacqueline, the unit leader, why she has had to ring 3 times before they answer the door.

foto 1

Leticia playing the role of Inspector

We do not know that inside the Unit, some severe rearranging of materials and cleaning of kitchen is now being done as Jacqueline immediately alerted all personnel. So, without going into too much detail, I can hear her swear in Brazilian when she finally opens the door and see us laughing. We are having great fun all together and we sit down for the obligatory cup of coffee (or should I say, cup of sugar with some coffee!)
The kids really want to be on a final group picture, so we agree and sit alltogether in the court and have our group picture taken. We also teach the children, in our final speech, how important it is to keep on educating themselves, if they ever want to travel to Japan, Slovakia or The Netherlands. They seem to have a specific interest in Japan. I do not know why that is, maybe because we Europeans are not that different (from our looks) than the Japanse people. In any case, Terumine’s popularity (we call him Mr. “T” these days) is rising by the minute.

But we have to move on. In the afternoon, the whole IBM, CDC and JPMorgan team is coming to the Campo Allegre Unit to listen to our presentations and look at what we delivered. But, before we go, we are having lunch with our NGO leader. At a special place in the city. In a place where they keep all sorts of memorablia of Minas Gerais, from pictures to tools, there was even an original IBM tabulating machine! Little did they know that we were actually from IBM.

We had a great lunch with specialities from the region, being cooked on a stove with a wood fire.

foto 4

wooden fire with great local food!

Great food, great people and some great cachassa tasting. After the lunch, Doris took us for a little ride across parts of the city that we hadn’t seen before. From good to bad, along the river, cross the city, showing us the biggest Country Club of Southern America (Praiha Club).

foto 5

Just a little too much cachassa and high tempareature are funest!

foto 2

Authentic cooking

Finally we arrived at the Campo Allegre facility. We did some last-minute adjustments and we welcomed the IBM-CDC-JPMorgan team. They also had a tour of the facility and yes, they also had to introduce themselves to all the kids. Doris is very strickt about that!

Our presentation went really good. I do not remember ever having presented something and having moved someone to tears… Well. Let’s just say that the team is extremely happy with the things we’ve done and how we’ve done it. For me, this moment was really the proof that we did right. That we were not too technical, but on the spot! I felt really proud. #ibmcsc brazil The team left. There were thank you’s and it felt really good. The presentation was over, it was a relief in the good sense. It was time to leave. Not only for today, but the Institute to take over. We’ve been creating these “virtual windows” for outsiders to see what is going on between these 3 meter high walls that surround the institutes. And I think we’ve cracked it. #ibmcsc brazil

foto 1 (1)

Time to leave!


foto 2 (1)

But Doris does not want us to leave!!!



foto 4 (1)

We have great drinks and celebrations afterwards @TULIPAS!







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